High Undergraduate GPA can lead to Graduate School Success

Highly competitive graduate programs may require high grade point averages (GPAs) for potential students as a high GPA is a strong

indicator of graduate school success. You can improve your admissions applications to graduate schools by maintaining a high GPA as an undergraduate. To maintain a high GPA as an undergraduate (and also a high graduate school GPA as well), you should remember the following:

Go to class.

Going to class may seem daunting and monotonous to some students, but most of the course material will be covered here. Therefore, going to class should be your priority, especially because every 1 hour in class equates to over 2 hours of studying. Going to class is more time efficient than is playing catch-up later.

Develop good study skills early.

Going to class is a big part of the learning process, but students must apply and practice knowledge outside class by developing good study skills. Developing good study skills will save you time and will dramatically increase the amount of information you can retain.

Pace yourself.

College can be overwhelming but will be less so if you manage your time wisely. You should schedule specific study times to alleviate the stress of your work load and to make it more manageable. Allowing yourself to be stressed is a waste of your energy. Instead of stressing about the things you need to do, you should direct that energy in a positive direction to get things done.


Do not underestimate your freshman year.

Your first year in college is about learning academic skills and adjusting to your new environment. Remember that even the classes you take during your freshman year count toward your GPA.

In conclusion, keeping your GPA high is crucial to your admissions applications for graduate school as a high GPA is a strong indicator of graduate school success. Top graduate schools have minimum GPA requirements that you must meet for admission. Exceeding minimum GPA requirements can distinguish your application from others. Striving for a higher GPA becomes more important in the competitive environment of graduate school, and these undergraduate tips will help you toward a higher graduate school GPA as well.


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