PhDStudent was developed by a clever group of folks who were each in various phases of their graduate school careers. Leaning on each other in times of uncertainty, they realized that the group possessed a wealth of information that could help others beyond their social circle. Thus, was born with the goal of offering a supportive community to undergrad and grad students, faculty members, and postdoc students. Our PhD Articles section provides you with resources to support your journey from undergrad to postdoc and beyond, from “How to Write a Personal Statement” to “Helpful Tips for First-Time Graduate Teaching Assistants” to “Addressing Overqualification.”

We also have hand-selected several bloggers to share their graduate school experiences with you. Our bloggers include current graduate students, a post doc and fellow, and an academic consultant to provide you with diverse perspectives from across the graduate school spectrum.

The PhD forums are another free resource we came up with to help connect past, current, and future grad students, providing you with an outlet to share your experiences and support one another. We’re also continuing to develop new tools to make your life a little easier (just remember to create a free account on our PhD People page to have full access to the tools!). For example, undergraduate and graduate students alike could benefit from submitting a question to Ask the PhDs, a Q&A column answered by faculty and industry PhDs about all facets of life in academia. Those who have completed grad school will especially want to check out our MyCV tool, which can eliminate the guesswork of formatting your curriculum vitae and increase your exposure by providing you with your personalized URL.

We could go on, but you probably get the idea: PhDStudent is a collection of diverse resources all packed into one site. We’re continually adding new articles and tools to stay up-to-date on the latest hot topics and trends in academia, so hopefully you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Thanks for visiting, and see you around in the forums!

*Sources of PhD student data displayed in graphs: US News and the Council of Graduate Schools PhD Completion Project.