Job Searching for Postgrads

Job Searching for Postgrads

You have decided you want to do a postgraduate degree, but you are wondering about how it may affect your career choices. Alternatively, perhaps you have graduated, and you are wondering exactly how useful that degree you have will actually be. Whilst a postgraduate degree can be great for landing you jobs, it is not a guarantee. In order to succeed in the world of postgraduate jobs, you need to be dedicated.

How to Look

Online job searching tools have become an essential part of generating job leads, reaching out to recruiters, and making professional contacts.  In fact, online tools are also important for people who already have jobs.  One of the advantages of the digital age is that there are many online tools to help you keep track of new job openings and professional contacts. 

Conducting an academic job search is going to take an intensive amount of time and effort.  You will need to budget your time toward searching for jobs, applying, and follow-ups.  Do not be afraid to ask for help from peers and recruiters. Take advantage of your school’s community; talk to alumni groups who have gone through the same process you are, building up relationships with your professors.

Where to Go

When we think of social networking and job searching in the same context, LinkedIn immediately comes to mind.  While LinkedIn is the number one professional networking site, several others can be very useful for job seekers.  Numerous websites are devoted to job searching, and they are a great place to begin. When using them, be sure to try various combinations of keywords and search criteria to get a wide range of job options.

Postgraduate networking is not just about making contacts within academia, however. Think about the sort of industry you might go into following the completion of your studies. Try to widen your circle of contacts as much as possible. Many professional organizations have websites or subscription email lists that post job openings; these will be especially helpful tools as they are discipline-specific to your career interests. You will also want to attend career fairs and talk to the recruiters, build relationships. This may be obvious for some students, but it is less so for others. Not all postgraduate courses point to an obvious career path, after all. Once you have identified a likely sector of industry check out any trade fairs that are associated with your field of interest.

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