Most individuals who end up in grad school were often in the top of their undergraduate classes, perhaps that is why they don’t think they need any “tips for graduate students.” Because you will be in class with the top of the top students, you might find it more challenging to stand out as a shining student. Here are some tips for graduate students to make sure that you stand out, even when the competition is rough.


By the time they enter graduate schools, most students have strong skill sets with regard to written communication, so it can be hard to stand out in your written work. However, a skill set that is often less developed by incoming graduate students is oral presentations. Regardless of your field of study, it is imperative to have a strong ability to give oral presentations and to be able to disseminate new information to your peers and colleagues. Take the time to refine this skill as soon as you can, and you will likely be able to start ahead of the curve.

Be Visible

A common pitfall is for graduate students to think that attending classes and making good grades is all that is needed to be successful in graduate school class. If you want to simply coast through graduate school, you might not need these tips for graduate students. However, if you want to stand out and shine as an outstanding graduate student, this approach will not work. Visibility is one of the most important tips for graduate students. Faculty will only get a small sense of your strengths in the classroom, so you will want to take advantage of every opportunity that you can to demonstrate your strengths outside the classroom. To do this, you will need to be as involved as possible. Many programs have student representatives, which is a great opportunity to spend more time with faculty members. Get involved on research teams beyond the minimum requirements of your program. Be aware of and jump at any opportunity for service within your program. Also, look for service opportunities outside your program in professional organizations and other groups in your field.



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