As a graduate student, you will quickly find yourself with a million things to do at any given moment, so you should be prepared to work at any free moment: waiting at the doctor’s office, getting out of class early, or using time during a cancelled appointment. To be most productive at the drop of a dime, you should carry what you need with you to be most efficient in whatever extra time you stumble across. Below are a few things you should have with you at all times, especially in graduate school classes [link to article “What to do in class”] to make the best of your time:

• Laptop

• Wireless mouse (if preferred to trackpad)

• Access to internet

• Red pen

• Stack of papers to grade

• Tablet with course readings (digital textbooks are often cheaper, save paper and are easier to carry than are five textbooks)

• Chargers for every electronic device (i.e., phone, laptop, tablet, etc.)


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