It’s very easy to become overwhelmed by various academic pressures during graduate school, especially if you isolate yourself from potential sources of support. Yes, there are sources of support out there for graduate students. Though it’s easy to forget sometimes, you do not have to face the challenges of graduate school alone. The following are some suggested sources of academic, personal and practical, and financial support for graduate students who feel like they are struggling. What types of graduate student support are out there? Here are some places where you can turn to for help.


Keep in mind that there are several different sources you can find at your university at your disposal. Your tuition bill does not only cover you sitting in class! The amount you pay most schools covers several other benefits as well; help from the medical and psychological doctors on campus, access to the gym, free admission to athletic and concert events, and free advice from lawyers and job placements professionals can be found in the fine print of your tuition and fees.

Graduate Student Support: Academic

Graduate students can seek academic support from the following sources:

• Academic advisors

• Study groups

• Supportive faculty

• Postgraduates

• Community leaders

Graduate Student Support: Personal and Practical

Graduate students can seek personal and practical support from the following sources:

• Support groups

• University counseling center

• Relationships with friends and family members

• Environments, particularly well-chosen living spaces, that promote relaxation and comfort

• Hotlines specifically for graduate students

• Comics, blogs, and other sources of graduate humor and perspective (i.e., there is an end to graduate school)

• Social events

• Vacations or breaks from school

Graduate Student Support: Financial

Graduate students can seek financial support from the following sources:

• Scholarships

• Assistantships

• Grants

• Internships

• Fellowships

• Loans and other forms of financial aid

• Employers (in special circumstances)

• Nonacademic jobs


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