The school year is very busy for many undergraduate students, so what better time is there to get some helpful research experience than during summer? Most undergraduate students have more time available to devote to research projects during the summer than they do during the school year, so summer can be the perfect time for undergraduate students to participate in research programs and become part of a research team.

Summer research programs can provide undergraduate students with an immersive research experience. Most of these programs include an individual student or group project that is overseen by a faculty mentor or research supervisor. The supervisor acts as a guide and assists as necessary in the student’s research. The programs provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to meet graduate students and researchers in their fields. The immersive research experience will help cultivate students’ research, writing, and presentation skills. If students are unsure about attending graduate school, then one of these programs could provide them with a new perspective.


Some summer research programs provide students with unique opportunities, such as attending research conferences, graduate school seminars, training sessions, and GRE prep classes. These programs can be

very beneficial; however, they can also be very competitive. If you are considering a summer research program, you should be aware of application deadlines, which are usually in February and March.

Summer research programs can be found in a variety of academic fields. Visiting other universities to participate in their research gives undergraduate students the opportunity to explore different kinds of research and to discover a new approach. Most programs last from 8 to 10 weeks and will allow students to practice research skills in practical settings. Summer research programs that include developing technical reading and writing and quantitative skills can be beneficial to potential graduate students.


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