Experience in your prospective field is significant on applications for graduate school. Internships are a good way to gain hands-on experience and to explore your field outside of the classroom.

You will need little or no prior work experience in the field to qualify for a research opportunity. In fact, the whole point of internships is to gain work experience that will be required of you in other situations. Having experience will give you an edge not only in the job market but also on your application for graduate school. Your interest in and commitment to a research team will show admissions committees that you are dedicated to this field of study and are ready to study it in more detail.

You can also use internships to explore your educational options. Maybe you aren’t sure what you want to study; working with a research team can give you more insight into that area of study. Additionally, these positions are usually short-term and do not require extensive agreements, giving you the opportunity to see if that field is a good fit for you.

Networking is a bonus of intern positions. Internships are the perfect way to make connections because you are surrounded by people in your prospective field. You can use these connections when you are looking for employment, for a reference, or for a letter of recommendation. You can also use your experience to create a professional presence in your field.

Student research opportunities are invaluable to students who want to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world situations. Working on a team with experts in the field can give students an opportunity to experience their field in everyday settings while they explore their career options. Internships are an important step toward a career in graduate school and can make the transition easier.


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