Being part of a research team as an undergraduate student can be very rewarding, and undergraduates should actively seek out student research opportunities. Being part of research teams can provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations. Being part of research teams provides

undergraduates with an excellent research foundation for graduate school and allows undergraduates to work with graduate students and post-docs who can mentor and teach undergraduates about the process of graduate school.

Student Research Opportunities

Student research opportunities should be sought out for a number of reasons. Being part of a research team can teach you valuable skills for graduate school. As a member of a research teach, you will be required to find scientific literature and to learn how to read and interpret its contents for your research project. Designing research procedures will also be a part of this process. By participating in the research design, you will further your knowledge of the field and the research process. A successful research process will produce results. Learning how to interpret these results and how to communicate your findings through both academic speaking and writing is important. Connecting your name to research findings will increase your standing in the academic community, could open the door to potential internships and will make your graduate application more enticing to potential schools.

Student research opportunities and working as part of a research team with students and faculty in your field will provide you with unmatched experience. You will be building professional relationships, developing valuable skills, and making yourself a more marketable applicant for

graduate school. To get involved in a research team, you must present yourself as a serious applicant. Show interviewers that you have skills that could contribute to their projects; you may not have experience in the field, but you still have something to contribute. Prepare for your interview by reading about the project to demonstrate your interest in the research and your willingness to learn.

Student research opportunities and being part of a research team is an important way to make connections and to get involved in your field and can be an important addition to your application for graduate school, an addition which will undoubtedly make you a better candidate.


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