Many recent graduates feel burdened by and anxious about student loan debt repayment from their student loans. This is understandable considering that recent graduates feel extreme pressure to find jobs quickly after graduation and to redefine themselves as non-students for the first time in years. To focus on these pressures, some recent

graduates choose not to think about student loan debt repayment until the grace periods for their loans have come and gone; some recent graduates even choose to ignore communications from lenders because graduates simply feel overwhelmed by the enormity of what they owe. If recent graduates continue to ignore their student loan debt repayment, they can quickly end up in default on their loans, which can lead to serious financial consequences that last for years.

To avoid default and other long-term negative consequences of ignoring debt repayment, graduate students need to be proactive about their student loan debt repayment by researching repayment information as soon as possible, preferably before they graduate so that they can use their universities’ financial aid resources. Unfortunately, many recent graduates do not know where to go to find reliable information about debt repayment. If recent graduates seek help from their loan servicers or universities, they may find that neither loan servicers nor universities seem to have the time or inclination to completely answer questions or to fully explain information that recent graduates want to know about their loans. If recent graduates do have trouble finding answers or information about student loans, they should not give up and ignore their loans. Instead, recent graduates need to take charge of their student loan debt repayment by independently seeking student loan information from reliable sources. The following are some reliable sources from which recent graduates can find current information about student loans, student debt, and loan repayment:


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