The graduate school application process is intricate and can be intimidating, but there are ways to alleviate some of the pressure. Planning ahead is the most important rule when applying to graduate

school because most problems occur as a result of procrastination and last-minute planning. The following are some tricks that you can use to help you handle the application process.

Creating a presence at your preferred universities is an important step in the graduate school application process. It is much easier to make good impressions face to face than it is to on paper. Meeting members of admissions committees will make their review of your graduate school application more personal. It will also make it easier for them to reflect on your reputation.

Making connections gives you an opportunity to make your personal statement come to life. Making connections can help you demonstrate the values and ambitions that you mention in your personal statement. It’s called a personal statement, so make it personal. Your personal statements are the pieces of your applications in which you can show admissions committees your goals, intentions, and purposes for pursuing graduate study. Express yourself well in your personal statements, and ask your family and friends to review them. In your personal statements, you should let admissions committees know why you want to go to their universities.

Apply early and use the same process for each graduate school application you complete. Outlining a single process and sticking to it will relieve some of the stress involved in the application process and will help you to stay organized. Staying on top of deadlines can prevent the hecticness that arises from procrastination. Universities get flooded every year with last-minute applications. Applying early gives you an edge over the procrastinators and keeps you from going into panic mode.

Applying to graduate school can be a process to learn about yourself and your aspirations. By staying organized and ahead of the process, you can make the graduate school application process manageable.


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