When you are trying to find a graduate program, you should first consider where you would like to live and what you would like to study. This will help you develop the criteria potential schools must meet for your consideration. It is important that you choose the school before they can choose you, so apply to the types of programs that you would like to attend.

Price is a small detail when you are looking to find a graduate program. Decide what you can afford and how you plan to fund your education. Evaluate your financial plans before you apply to avoid applying to a school that is way out of your price range. You can try to get financial aid through loans, grants, and scholarships. Additionally, many graduate programs offer students stipends for internships, assistantships, etc. You should examine all your options during your application process.

What kind of program are you looking for? Some programs require a minimum GPA for admission, so in addition to what programs you like, you should research what those programs expect from you as an applicant. This will help you further develop and refine your criteria for potential graduate schools as you are looking for a program that is perfect for you.

Find a graduate program that fits within your means academically and financially. Do not apply to schools if you do not meet their established criteria because doing so will only increase your frustrations. Instead, focus your energy on applying to schools that meet your needs and vice versa.

Each student has his or her own criteria when choosing what school is right for him or her and ultimately where to go for grad school. It is important to do your research and think through your decision in order to find a graduate program that will set you up to succeed.


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