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TOPIC: DocRev - A Platform for Reviewing Documents

DocRev - A Platform for Reviewing Documents 4 years 1 month ago #1

Dear fellow students/professors,

I am here to present a software platform that I have developed in the past weeks, motivated by my own experience as a PhD student:


Briefly, the idea is to transfer the effort of reviewing documents to a crowd-sourced platform: a user provides feedback to other users' documents, and in return obtains feedback for his own documents.

My motivation stems from "yet another review" of a research paper of my own that I had already read many times for re-submission. At the time I was already so fed up of reading it that I'd rather read someone else's work instead, hoping that another person would instead read my own work.
Not only would that be refreshing, not to be reading always the same thing and maybe learn something new, but it would also be way more productive to catch problems in the document with a fresh pair of eyes.

In fact, this is just a use case specific to research, but I believe the concept is applicable to any area and types of documents. Examples:

- Send a formal letter to a lawyer, which requires familiarity with certain terms. Why not ask a law student or even a young lawyer to look at it in exchange for our own expertise?

- Maybe you wrote a blog post or some meaningful content and would like to get some feedback before publishing it.

- You have some work in progress in a specific area for which you know no one and would love some feedback.

- Camera-ready research papers, which you have read countless times, but that probably still have some bugs/typos.

- You are sending an application to a job offer / grant / project, and would love a review of it.

If you are still reading, then I really encourage you to try it out:


PS: I hope not to be violating the guidelines of the forum, as this is not a "business", it is merely a platform that is meant to help people such as us (students)
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