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TOPIC: Power Analysis Assistance/Opinion, Please.......

Power Analysis Assistance/Opinion, Please....... 3 years 2 months ago #1

This past week I successfully defended my Proposal to my dissertation committee. It has been a long journey...and after numerous reviews by my committee and a final review by the institutional AQR...I was pleased to defend my Proposal so that it can now move forward to IRB.

However, my committee did have one condition that has stopped me dead in my tracks, unfortunately. This has to do with my G*Power Analysis. It is a bit strange because during the review cycles, my power analysis was never brought up to my attention as a anyone including my methodologist and the AQR reviewer. In fact, both of those people were extremely complimentary about my Proposal. However, it was brought up during the defense call.

I do have an outside consultant who is a Ph.D. and psychology department chair for an established and accredited university in Texas. He is very sharp and I have every confidence in him and how he has guided me thus far. He is in complete disagreement with what the committee is asking me to do with the G*Power analysis. In addition, I communicated with a rather famous author who wrote the research design/statistical analysis textbook for our doctoral course at my institution. Obviously, his credentials and expertise are solid. He agreed that the way I have my methodology and data analysis sections is fine....including the power analysis. He does not believe that what the committee is asking is possible either.

I communicated with my chairman a few days ago with a rather detailed and lengthy response as to my concerns related to the power analysis condition. Of course, I was respectful and humble in my approach since I only want to learn during this process and not have some huge blow-up with my committee. I am fully willing to do what they are asking....but based on my understanding of power analysis....and most importantly what I am being told by my consultant and Dr. doesn't seem logical or possible to do.

The major question is simply can a power analysis be conducted in the manner that the committee is asking? The is a total finite population of 1081 intercollegiate athletic directors...split into 3 population groups of NCAA division I, II, and III. My power analysis was conducted on the total population. The committee wants me to conduct a power analysis on each of the 3 separate population groups....but there is no rationale for this decision based on how the research is currently structured...and has been approved by all reviewers thus far.

So, I am curious if there is anyone here who could take a look at what I have proposed...and simply offer your opinion based on your expertise and experience. If I can find a solution....then I will be ready to rock and roll. The solution must be logical, make sense, and not cause any negative implications in regards to the statistical/data analysis and how we are trying to answer the RQs.

I am grateful for your time and consideration. I can send you my documents for review so that you can offer your thoughts.


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