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TOPIC: Advantages of Technology in the Educational Field

Advantages of Technology in the Educational Field 1 year 11 months ago #1

At present, the incorporation of the new Information and Communication Technologies have changed the way in which many areas, among them the social, political, economic and cultural areas, used to develop. Since Globalization allowed global connectivity, borders disappeared and most people had to adapt to the new technological models that were progressively gaining ground.

The educational environment was not the exception to this avalanche of changes. The new technological tools became an increasingly indispensable instrument in educational institutions, this because they facilitate the fact of making multimedia presentations, of exposing contents, didactic material, etc. Mostly assignment writing company UK also utilize latest technologies for providing academic writing to students.

The profound changes in teaching that have produced the new technological instruments, require students and teachers a new basic training and continuous training to be able to carry them out effectively and fruitfully, that is to say that it has become necessary to develop digital literacy .

Technological processes have produced an evolution in the autonomy of education. This means, in many cases, a new social space for interaction and learning (blogs or interactive spaces), which allow the didactic design of activities aimed at collaboration among participants, self-training or distance learning and are also a playful medium for cognitive development.

Indeed, the advantages presented by the new technological tools in the educational field are varied. Among them we can mention the following:

1. The classes become more practical and innovative.
2. Possibility of sending tasks via email.
3. It allows us to be updated with information of any kind.
4. It saves us time.
5. It makes it possible to download texts that are often difficult to obtain or a very high cost to do so.
6. Presentation of more dynamic contents, which easily capture the student's attention.
7. Facilitate the evaluation of students, since it presents tangible products, evidence of learning.
8. Encourages collaborative work.
9. It allows to design alternative and innovative didactic materials instead of the traditionalists.
10. Allows access to a large flow of information, the possibilities of searching and obtaining results is infinite.
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