PhDStudent is launching its blog feature, and I am privileged to write the one that starts us off. I would like to share with you the two goals I have in mind for PhDStudent and our new blog feature:

  • Our goal for PhDStudent is to help you grow as a graduate student so that you may not only succeed but thrive in graduate school.
  • Our goal for the new blog feature is to have an open community of graduate students, faculty members, and postdoc students.

I would like to direct your attention to our “After Grad School” section of PhDStudent. I am asking you to look at the end of graduate school first because no one starts a race before knowing where they are going to finish. This section of PhDStudent is your finish line that advises you on what to do in life after graduation. I encourage you to skim over a few of the articles in “After Grad School” so that you can visualize your own goals to set for yourself through your process of graduate school.

So let’s start strong by envisioning our finish line!


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