This blog will be a place where I will be discussing many aspects of academic life, and share experiences from my previous graduate career at the University of Oregon Institute of Molecular Biology, to my current role as a senior postdoc with both research 

(studying Molecular Developmental Biology at Stony Brook University) and teaching (at Brooklyn College) components, and hopefully in the future to describe the search and transition to a tenure track academic position.

When choosing my undergraduate major, I spent a long time grappling between going into English (to be a writer) or the sciences (to be a veterinarian).  Somewhere along the line I found myself doing research in biology, which I believe satisfied both my scientific ambitions and my desire to be a storyteller, so blogging about the academic life seems like a natural addition to my life.

Anyway, please stay tuned, and if you’d like to read more about what I do, please feel free to check out my academic sites…

Also, if you’re a senior graduate student interested in a research/teaching postdoc, we are now recruiting for the next round of IRACDA postdoctoral scholars at Stony Brook University.


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