It seems that technology is advancing with each passing day, especially when it comes to our mobile phones.  Smartphones have become such a part of our normal routine that we tend to panic when we forget them at home, when they run out of batteries, or when we drop them and crack the screens.

I’m basing my next series on these gadgets and something that we like to download onto them: applications.  Apps, much like our beloved smartphones, come in all shapes and sizes; some help you get organized, and others are more educational.  I’ll include these topics and more in the upcoming series.

Academic Subject Apps

Students in grad school tend to burn out at one point or another as a result of losing interest in their thesis/dissertation topics or even their diminishing mental stamina.  The learning apps in this post will include information and subjects for users to learn something new apart from their academic subjects that they’ve been learning for years.

Financial Apps

With tuition, housing, groceries, and gas costs, it’s no secret that grad students have money struggles.  One of the keys to staying above water financially is being educated and knowing how much money you have at a particular time.  If you use these apps well, they’ll help you figure out how much money you spend and where via budgets and other tools.

Productivity and Lifestyle Apps

A main reason students have trouble with money is that they don’t have time for a job (or two) among unpaid internships and classes.  However, I’ll give you a list of some great apps in this post that can help with organization and time management.  These apps will help you budget your time better and help you make the most of your days in grad school.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with grad school or you’re nervous about starting your classes soon and you feel unprepared, just whip out your smartphone and consider looking at these apps that we’ll discuss over the next few weeks.

Do you have any apps that you swear by?  Would you like me to include information about any specific apps?  Leave comments in the section below, and I’ll try to reach any needs we have out there.


  1. Tangentrider, those are great apps for grad students; thanks for the input! I’ll actually be discussing some of them in this series, so I hope to hear more about how you use them in the future posts, too. Thanks again!

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