I RARELY write in my planner in pen. Only things that are absolutely, positively not going to change – such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays – will I dare to write in red rink. While I hate the smudge of pencil, as a graduate student, therapist in training, and employee, my schedule changes more times than Madonna live in concert. As much as I despise pencil smudge, I hate scratched-on pen mark even more. But I digress…

As I was sitting in class today – obviously giving it my absolute full attention – when to my shock and horror, I noticed a long series of red marked out spanning an entire week. Being thorough in my cross out, I was no longer able to tell what once important event in my life was no longer happening. At that moment, it really no longer seemed all that important so I went back to updating my calendar – uh – I mean, paying attention to the lecture. Turns out my distraction technique worked, because before I knew it, all I heard was my instructor saying, “See you all in two weeks.” And BAM! Just like that it hit me; I remember what was cancelled for a busy week of clients, work, manuscripts, meetings, and dissertation…spring break.

Oh well, I guess Ft. Lauderdale will still be there next year…or the next…or when I retire.


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