Are you a procrastinator? Maybe you’re even procrastinating right now by reading interesting blogs and articles about PhD students and the everyday issues they face. These online resources are helpful to you, and they’re certainly a more applicable procrastination than Facebook or YouTube, but you could probably get ahead on some work right now by writing a chapter of your dissertation or reading an important book/article assignment. However, it is a good thing you’re here because my next blog series is about procrastination — how to identify it, how to avoid it, and when to know it is okay to procrastinate. The following is the line-up for this coming series:

Procrastination Part 1: Are You a Procrastinator?

You could be a procrastinator and not even know it, whether you’re in denial or you don’t know what a real procrastinator is or does. In this blog post, I’ll give you a few resources that you can use to determine if you’re a procrastinator. I’ll also give you tips about how to identify it on your own and what symptoms come with being a procrastinator. I’d also like to answer the question, “Why do we procrastinate”? I think this blog will help a lot of you who struggle with procrastination because it’ll give you a reason for this struggle and allow you to identify your specific procrastination issues.

Procrastination Part 2: Tips for Procrastinators

Deciding to work instead of play is difficult to do, but in this blog post, I’ll provide you with ways to do just that. You’ll be able to read this post and walk away feeling motivated and encouraged to do your work and do it well. I’ll recap what I wrote about in the first part of this series and then write about chunking your work, recognizing your procrastination tendencies, and eliminating your distractions. Ending your habit of procrastination will probably take longer than you might think, but this blog post will at least start you on the right foot.

Procrastination Part 3: When Procrastination is Okay

That’s right. As soon as I finish blogging about how to identify your procrastination and about how to end your procrastinating habit, I’m going to let you in on a couple of secrets about when it’s okay to procrastinate. I have a few resources that I’ll reference to help explain the phenomenon that it’s okay to procrastinate sometimes. I’ll also include the positives and negatives of procrastinating and describe how you can help your peers along their process of learning how to procrastinate less.

Don’t worry if you’re a procrastinator. This blog series is intended to help you become a better student and professional by giving you reasons why you might procrastinate, providing tips about how to avoid procrastination, and demonstrating when it’s okay to procrastinate. I hope you’ll read this blog series as it comes out in the next few weeks, and I hope it’ll benefit you in your current and future studies.


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