Building on my series of getting the most out of your student discount, this blog will outline some of the best uses of your student discount. 

I have previously discussed some great savings you can earn on technology-related purchases and in this part, I will be talking about how you can use your student status to save on entertainment while in graduate school.  It’s hard enough to find time in graduate school for fun, don’t let money (or the lack thereof) keeping you from having a good time every once in a while.  

Entertainment Discounts

One of my favorite pastimes has always been going to the movies.  I love the cold darkness, the suspension of reality, and shamelessly shoveling handfuls of butter popcorn into my face the entire time (what? It’s dark, and you know you do the exact same thing).  My only problem with seeing a movie is how expensive it has gotten.  These days, I won’t even go to a theatre unless they offer my beloved student discount.   Many theatres do offer a break for students including Regal Theaters, Cinemark, and AMC (with special deals on Thursdays for students).  For those of you who enjoy the arts, many museums, theatres, and performance halls also provide students with reduced cost admissions.  For example, Carnegie Hall in New York is known for its student rush tickets, which offers admission for students for a mere $10.

As much as I love a good movie, I also love a good meal.  I have actually been rather shocked at how many restaurants actually give students a discount when presented with a student ID.  Discounts usually are around 10% off or a free drink, but hey, I’ll take it.  Some of these restaurants include Chipotle, Subway, Burger King, Waffle House, Arby’s, McDonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Dairy Queen. 

 So those are my tips on using your student discount for saving on entertainment.   If you know of any discounts that I missed, please leave them in the comments – I am always looking to add to my list of Saturday night options.   Check back soon to hear about using your student discount to save on clothes (my personal favorite).


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