First day of school..

First day of school..

Waking up before dawn to catch the 5:30 train, I grab my bag with my computer and notes for the day, and take a deep breath. I've stood in front of classrooms before, but only guest lectures or lab sections with 20-30 students at most.Today I had three full lectures halls, each with 150 students, and on a subject I haven't thought much about since my freshman year, some 13 years ago.I am of course prepared, having prepared and practiced my lecture, read and re-read the chapter, worked up mnemonics and real-world examples.But it's my first day of school, and can't help the fact that I’m a little nervous.

Not sure I have much advice, except to realize it's a completely normal human response.In general we academics have high expectations of ourselves; its part of the reason we ended up in graduate school in the first place.

15 hours later, I'm stepping on the train home for a two-hour train ride home, breathing a sigh of relief. Granted, I had stumbled on some strange questions, and was glad I brought a spare undershirt between classes. But sitting down after class, answering a few questions of one student who was taking the class for the second time and really trying to get it, and seeing her understand, was so satisfying, and makes me feel I’m on the right track.



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