Sometimes, graduate students want to learn something new and step back from the monotony of their field of study.  Apps like the ones I will discuss can provide opportunities for you to learn something new in an environment that is conducive to your lifestyle.

You might recognize the following apps from previous school subjects (or present, in case you see your own major here), but don’t let this alarm you.  The apps I chose to represent academic subjects are easy to use and are great if you want to take breaks with during your own schoolwork or if you’re looking to discover a new hobby.


If you’ve ever thought about learning a new language, duoLingo would be a good place to start.  The light, fun app (which you can also access online) leads you from basic to advanced lessons, and you can choose to test out of certain lessons if you’re already an advanced learner and just want to refresh yourself.


NASA made an app that is loaded with information, from ISS and Earth orbiting satellite trackers to TV and radio specials about astronomy research and discoveries.  There are also plenty of pictures and videos to learn from and gain more knowledge about our solar system and beyond.

Pocket Anatomy

Years ago in health class, you may have had to memorize the bones of the body, each body system, and the major organs of the body.  Though health classes might not have been the most exciting classes back then, this app is organized so you can move at your own pace, take your own notes, and take multiple quizzes.

Learn World Geography

How many times have you read about a country in the news and needed to look it up to know where it is?  Learn World Geography has different activities to help you learn about country capitals, oceans, and major world currencies through pictures, fill in the blanks, and flashcards.


If you’re a TED talk fan, you might already have this app.  For those of you who didn’t know about the app or who haven’t heard about TED talks, visit the TED website to learn more about this fascinating resource in which speakers give talks on just about any topic you can think of.

Graduate school can be a chaotic time of studying, reading, and studying some more, but if you want to be able to get some new perspective on your field of study by learning about other subjects, try out these apps I’ve mentioned.  I’d love to hear your opinions of these apps and others.  Which ones have worked for you, and which ones haven’t?

The following infographic from 2012 shows just how popular educational apps can get.

My Brain On Apps! Educational App Stats Infographic


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