Grad students have so many things going on at the same time: school, work, family, and friends.  I definitely remember those times of feeling like I would never be able to catch up and get organized, so I wanted to see how some apps might help alleviate some procrastination and disorganization.  With all these handy mobile apps and tools right at our disposal, we have plenty of ways to organize our lives, manage our time.


If you’ve ever forgotten a password that you made for a website or profile online, this app may be perfect for you.  I personally downloaded it when I needed to keep better track of my usernames and passwords, and it’s one of my favorite apps.  It keeps me organized so I have one less thing to worry about.


Another one of my favorite apps is Dropbox.  It’s free to install and keeps me well organized.  I’d suggest installing it on your computer first so you can feel it out and get used to the organization and its many uses.  I suggest this app for grad students because it keeps great track of all your important documents for studying and writing papers.


This free app helps you with the many to-do lists that cross your mind daily.  It is compatible with most devices (phones, tablets, and computers), and it links to Gmail accounts and calendars, so you can add tasks and cross them off almost anywhere.  One of the testimonials on the site even described how it was helpful for writing a graduate thesis.

Google Keep

Another app that syncs with your Google accounts is Google Keep.  With this app, you can make notes, reminders, lists, and tasks.  It has an attractive and customizable look, and is extremely easy to use.  I especially like that I can install this app on my computer, and I can set reminders for myself.


Again, grad students don’t have all the time in the world, so it’s difficult to enjoy articles, videos, and other online materials.  However, the Pocket app is compatible with more than 500 apps.  The app enables you to “pocket” materials on your mobile device that you would like to view in more detail later, which would be great for study breaks!

I hope you check out these apps to find out which one helps keep you organized the best.  Let me know your thoughts on these and any others that you use or find during your semester!


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