I’m Stephanie, and I’m currently about halfway through my MS in Counseling (LPC) at SMU. My areas of interest include trauma and abuse, mood disorders, and substance abuse as well as issues around gender, power, and trust. I’m interested in Gestalt and Family Systems theories as well as Social Justice and Feminist approaches to counseling. I love to travel and go to concerts, but these days I’m way more likely to spend my spare time binge-watching stand-up comedy with my cat, Oliver, than going on any big adventures. My life goals include visiting every continent, cage-diving with great white sharks, and successfully painting my nails with my non-dominant hand. A few of my favorite things are coffee, kittens, and queso.

I am a social scientist, and I focus on economic and political development problems in the developing world. After attending Friends University in my undergrad and University of Texas at Dallas for grad school, I finally have All But Dissertation status while working toward my doctorate degree and am currently employed as a research consultant. I’m a formally trained artist (my undergrad work), and when I rejoin the world (when grad school is over), I’d like to get back into my painting and collage work. Additionally, years of waiting tables in high-end restaurants has made me an epicurean – which turned out well for me because I married a self-taught chef and certified sommelier. My wife and I love to travel abroad, eat good food, and drink good wine. We have a wonderful daughter, Olivia, who has been the joy of our lives as well as a brand new baby, Adelaide. Hobbies I enjoy include reading philosophy, history, and sci-fi fiction; I’m also a huge movie buff and am really good at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

I am currently a fourth year doctoral student pursing a PhD in Counseling Psychology.  My areas of emphasis include multiculturalism, feminism, underserved populations, trauma recovery, and statistics and research.  I know that last one comes as a bit of a shock from the others, but I am a true stats nerd down to the bone.   My areas of research focus mostly on trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, men’s violence against women.  Other areas of interest include theoretical approaches to psychotherapy, evidence based psychotherapy, and third wave behavioral strategies.  In addition to being a full time graduate student, I work full time as a statistics and research consultant for the university I attend as well as through a private firm.  In what little free time I find myself with, I enjoy watching a variety of trashy reality TV shows, shopping for pointy boots, and attempting to have some kind of social life.