6 Ways Grad School Changes Your Life: How To Deal

6 Ways Grad School Changes Your Life: How To Deal

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of spring and is still pushing forward in their graduate school journey. My next series will be about how to best adjust to various situations in graduate school and is geared for all graduate students: brand new students who are fresh out of undergraduate programs, students who have already been in the graduate program for a few years, students who came back to school after being in the workforce, and even students who have made a career out of attending school by earning multiple grad degrees. The next blogs in the series are being written with all of you in mind who are finding difficulties in adjusting to graduate schools many facets.

As Cassuto discusses in his article for the Chronicle of Higher Education, about 50% of grad students do not finish their degree. We’re not exactly sure why so many students drop out of school, but we can all imagine what kinds of struggles they face daily. If you have been to graduate school, you know many of the struggles that can arise. Many students struggle with changes such as eating habits, studying habits, and sleeping habits. These issues might seem trivial at first, but when they are combined with other, more extreme changes, including financial changes, strained social lives, and stricter schedules, grad school can appear impossible to complete.

In the series, I’ll address these six topics:

  1. Eating habits,
  2. Studying habits,
  3. Sleeping habits,
  4. Financial changes,
  5. Schedule changes, and
  6. Social changes.

For all graduate students, it’s important to make the best of these inevitable changes and to push through to the other side of grad school. I hope that you’ll take the time to read over the next several blog posts to learn how you can better transition into grad school or adopt some better habits to help you continue your grad school journey.





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