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  • Comprehensive Exam +

    Comprehensive Exam I'm studying for my written comprehensive exam that will take place next month. I understand that the doctoral program has different rules as to how Read More
  • Working on dissertation +

    Working on dissertation What is the length of Chapter 1 (how many pages?) On a qualitative study, do I need to address validity and reliability? How about credibility Read More
  • Online Data Tools +

    Online Data Tools I am looking for a secure data collection tool online to engage in email interviews. Thanks. – Online Data Tools Dear Online Data Tools, Picking the Read More
  • In Need of Financial Support +

    In Need of Financial Support I was wondering if anyone can help me – well, direct me. I have had a lot of health-related and disability-related problems that got ignored during Read More
  • Phd Victim +

    Phd Victim Hello, I am in my second year of PhD but technically have been working on my project for just one year. Before moving abroad for Read More
  • Capstone or Thesis? +

    Capstone or Thesis? I am in a terminal Master’s program in counselor’s education with the goal of being a school guidance counselor. My career goal has always been Read More
  • Committee A-Go-Go +

    Committee A-Go-Go I have a committee member that I have had numerous problems with over the course of my dissertation. He has been very difficult to work Read More
  • Reading Overload +

    This is my first year in grad school. As an undergrad, I was the type of student that always did all the reading required for Read More
  • Grieving Nurse +

    Grieving Nurse I am working on a PhD is nursing and have worked in the field of nursing for many years (I got my RN as an Read More
  • Deflated Doctorate Student +

    Deflated Doctorate Student I am working on my dissertation and was really excited about the topic. It’s been something that I have been wanting to study based on Read More
  • Less Money More Problems +

    Less Money More Problems People keep telling me that if you can’t get your graduate degree paid for, you probably shouldn’t be getting a graduate degree in the first Read More
  • Junior Faculty Woes +

    Junior Faculty Woes I am an early career academic and have managed to position myself well in a few NIH-funded grants. The problem I am running into is Read More
  • J007 +

    I am admitted in PhD program in UCONN starting from fall 2015. I have to submit top 3 advisors name under whom I want to Read More
  • Genetics Times Two +

    I got admit to two Universities and I need help to finalize the University. 1. PhD in Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh. The department provides Read More
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