Articles About Dissertation & Thesis Survival

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choosing a research design

Choosing a Research Design

Which research design method provides the best framework for your dissertation research, writing, and data collection?

understanding statistics

Understanding Statistics

If you are not a statistician, then you might have no idea which statistics will be most appropriate for your research.

staying on schedule

Staying on Schedule

Graduate students have many deadlines that they must meet to complete their graduate study in a timely manner. But how?

dissertation process

Thesis or Dissertation Process

Writing a thesis or dissertation can be complicated, so make sure you fully understand the entire process.

writing tips

Writing Tips

Some people fear that writing a thesis or dissertation will be impossible, but with the right strategy, you can do it!

maintain relationships

Maintain Relationships

Cultivating many different types of relationships are an important part of the dissertation and thesis processes.

How will you survive your dissertation or thesis?

One of the final–and most daunting tasks–of completing a graduate degree is writing your own original piece of research. This section includes a library of articles about the above topics to help you through the entire dissertation or thesis process.

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