rene-paulsonDr. René M. Paulson is founder and senior statistician for Elite Research, LLC, and has earned a Ph.D. and Masters degree in experimental psychology from Texas Christian University after obtaining her Bachelors degree from Ohio University. As Senior Statistician, Rene consults with faculty, graduate students, and researchers across all disciplines on research design, statistics, software training, and manuscript preparation for their grant and personal research. She previously served as the director of statistical consulting for Texas Woman’s University, Dr. Paulson is a member of several professional organizations and has presented her personal research at several conferences.

Through her extensive training in statistics and research, as well as being personally involved as a researcher in areas such as attitude-behavior consistency and stereotype threat in women’s mathematics, she has earned the qualifications and skills to advise others on their various research issues and needs. Rene has conducted numerous national and international program evaluations and research projects for grant funded programs in areas such as education and health sciences.

Elite Research LLC is a global provider of statistical consulting, online surveys, and survey research. Their business is helping academic researchers, nonprofits, medical/health, and companies in designing, collecting, analyzing, evaluating and reporting efficient and accurate research. Their consultants provide expert consulting in research design, statistical analysis, programming, survey development, and web-based surveys.

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