Dr. Jody O. Early has worked in higher education for over 19 years, and has a passion for connecting the classroom to the global community. She has served as dissertation chair for over 20 PhD students and as a committee member on more than 70 graduate committees.

A Certified Health Education Specialist, Dr. Early has broad field experience, having worked in a number of settings and roles prior to academia, including: community health educator, principle investigator and program director, grant writer, high school teacher, consultant, and curriculum specialist. Dr. Early is currently the Director of Undergraduate Programs for the School of Health Sciences at Walden University. For over a decade, Jody has been focused on developing innovative, reputable, and quality online and hybrid programs in the health sciences, and was recognized for contributions to the field of health education in 2010 when she received the HEDIR Technology Award. She volunteers her time to answer questions for PhDStudent.com and its affiliates.

Jody’s research within the health sciences is often focused on women’s health, culture, and technology. Most recently, her work has focused on using Photovoice to engage communities in social change. Dr. Early’s research has been published in number of peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Health Education, Health Education Research, the Journal of American College Health, the International Electronic Journal of Health Education, and the Journal of Online Teaching and Learning. She is also co-author of The Process of Community Health Education and Promotion (2nd ed.).


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