MyCV is a unique online tool exclusive to PhDStudent. As a registered user, you have access to a categorized template to use to create an organized and professional CV. You will receive your own personalized URL for your CV that you can print on your business cards, use in your email signatures, or distribute for your networking needs.

The menu on the right includes directions and tips for optimizing your CV within the MyCV tool. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us or post a question in the support forum.

CV or Resume?

In the United States and Canada, a curriculum vitae (CV) provides an extensive summary of an academic candidate's educational experience, including publications, conference presentations, research interests, and more. A resume is limited to 1-2 pages and primarily focuses on professional experiences. However, in the United Kingdom, the term CV usually refers to a document that is similar to the American resume.

If you are in the world of academia, you will most likely need a CV. Some students are more familiar with resumes or may not have enough experience to complete a CV. In that case, you can simply tailor the MyCV tool to fit your needs by deleting pages from the CV, which you can later add when you are further in your academic career.